Friday, January 9, 2015

What Saturates Your Mind?

"These things I have spoken to you,
so that in Me you may have peace.
In the world you have tribulation,
but take courage;
I have overcome the world."
John 16:33  
The news is full of bad news, but I love God's Word - it reveals to us what is reality.  It reveals to us why things are the way they are - why bad things happen, and what is going to happen to evil someday.  It tells us the past, explains the present, and reveals the future.  It’s the voice of Jesus, revealing to us His plan and His character, and both are good and wonderful.   
Because of who God is and His revealed plan, we have nothing fearful that should control our hearts and minds. When we are faced with that which looks dangerous and powerful and threatening, that which could harm us or take our life, it is human to experience an initial fear rising up in our hearts.  And because we live in a sin-encrusted world, we do experience unexpected harm, and we know others and have loved ones who have experienced harm.   
But, we know from God's Word that He is bigger and stronger and greater than all our fears and what can and does harm us.  We know from God’s Word that He causes all things to conform us into the likeness of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:28) and all things include that which brings fear and harm.   
Once we experience this initial human reaction of fear, which is not sinful, we are called to set our minds on the sovereignty and character and plan and promises of God.  We know what rules our hearts by what fills and saturates our minds. Fear is never to rule our hearts.  We know that much worse is coming for believers all over the world before Jesus returns, gathers us into His protecting, loving care, puts an end to evil during His day of wrath, and begins His physical rule and reign here on earth (Mt. 24), but when we have the Word of Christ saturating our minds, the wonderful voice of Jesus which tells us God's character and goodness and promises and plans, it leaves fear no room to live and dwell there.